Which passenger vehicle conversions are eligible for co-financing?

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The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities mandates co-financing for vehicle conversions for people with limited mobility who can drive themselves and people with disabilities who cannot drive themselves, and the conversion is absolutely necessary for the disabled person to enter the vehicle and drive safely.

Adjustments from the list were divided into three categories.

  1. Conversions for vehicle operating.
  2. Door and seat conversions.
  3. Devices and aids for entering and exiting the vehicle.

Conversions for vehicle operating.

PV2manual brake and gas pedal operating
PV3manual clutch control (mechanical system)
PV5automatic clutch (electronic system)
PV6handbrake on the left - bridging
PV7parallel gas pedal to the left of the brake pedal
PV8foot pedal extension with intermedial hinging
PV9raised vehicle floor (heel support)
PV10adjustment of the shape of brake and gas pedals
PV11ball or fork on the steering wheel
PV12special glove on the steering wheel
PV13gear lever adjustment
PV14mechanical bridging of the steering wheel levers
PV15electronic control of lights, indicators, and wipers on the steering wheel
PV16foot switch for turning on indicators and switching lights (electronic control)
PV17key identification and contactless vehicle start-up
PV18electronic handbrake control in a passenger vehicle
PV19electronic handbrake control in a van
PV21conversion of the steering wheel's hydraulic mechanism (softening)
PV22adaptation of the vehicle for wheelchair use
PV38electronic brake and gas pedal operating
PV39electronic steering wheel control (linear steering wheel)
PV40complete electronic vehicle control with control lever
PV41automatic transmission - option for a new passenger vehicle možnost pri novem osebnem vozilu
PV42automatic transmission - option for a new passenger vehicle možnost pri novem kombi vozilu
PV43electronic control of lights, indicators, wipers, mirrors, horns via touch screen or voice control - option for a new vehicle možnost tudi pri novem vozilu
PV44electronic sunshade control
PV45electronic seat belt lock
PV47protection - barrier to protect the brake, gas, and clutch pedals
PV53additional mirrors
PV54parking sensors - option for a new vehicle možnost pri novem vozilu

Door and seat conversions.

PV23automatic door opening
PV24seat adjustment - mechanical adjustment
PV25seat belt adjustment
PV26headrest adjustment
PV27lifting and rotating seat
PV50additional mounting seat in the van
PV51special portable child car seat

Devices and aids for entering and exiting the vehicle.

PV28deepening of the floor to accommodate greater internal height
PV29folding portable ramps
PV30Ramp (manual operation)
PV31ramp (electronic operation)
PV32hydraulic or electric van lift
PV33Wheelchair storage systems
PV34Personal lift
PV35rail installation for wheelchair fixing
PV36safety belts for wheelchair attachment
PV37electronic wheelchair attachment mechanism
PV46additional battery and external battery charger
PV48folding bench on the side of the car seat
PV49folding bench on the side of the car seat - electrically adjustable
PV52raised car roof to achieve greater interior height - option for a new vehicle možnost pri novem vozilu

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