Come to the operator training for a quick and easy introduction to the use of your hydraulic tail lift!

AMK Servis provides hands-on training for drivers of vans, trucks, and trailers equipped with a tail lift.

The user will be acquainted with all the basic functions of operation:

  • proper use of control switches,
  • safe loading of freight on the tail lift,
  • proper use of safety features.

The training also focuses on a specific type of tail lift and its characteristics, so that the user is aware of them when operating. The user will thus be trained to do the following:

  • inspection of critical operating points prior to vehicle departure, which can prevent many inconveniences during use and maintenance
  • elimination of basic errors, which saves time and eliminates the main problem before the service technician arrives.

If the user understands how the tail lift works, we can easily assist him over the phone in the event of a problem during work, thereby eliminating minor issues quickly.

Following the training, we issue a certificate of participation. 


Telephone number: 01 3655 419 / 051 402 569
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