The advantages of aluminum material are resistance to moisture, the possibility of accurate design of dedicated profiles and low weight in terms of strength, so there remains more useful load-bearing capacity. 

First, select a new vehicle with the assistance of a commercial vehicle dealer or a car dealership. Then contact AMK Servis, which, in collaboration with the vehicle dealer, will create a custom upgrade for the vehicle and handle all additional elements (e.g., airbags, spoiler or sleeping cabin, additional toolboxes, loading platform...). When the ordered vehicle arrives, the upgrade and all other parts will be ready for installation, resulting in a significantly shorter delivery time.

The materials used and the method of installation have a strong influence on the service life of upgrades. We recommend that you double-check all of the details at the start, which may slightly increase the price (or not) but will ensure a long and smooth operation every day. Example: If the auxiliary chassis is only screwed or welded together, the joints will loosen sooner than if the chassis is assembled into a mesh with grooves. A quality upgrade will be able to outlast a vehicle, allowing it to be easily refitted to a new vehicle.

The risk is mainly posed by movable elements that are used every day and those that are most exposed to vibrations and moisture.

AMK Servis manufactures aluminium (and, on request, partially inox) tarpaulin upgrades for commercial vehicles weighing up to 3.5T, 7.5T, and 12T, as well as other vehicles weighing more than 12T. It has adopted the established high-quality Vrestro technology for larger commercial vehicles (7.5T and up).

It manufactures, in addition to tarpaulin upgrades, the following upgrades for vehicles up to 3.5T: aluminium closed upgrades (alubox), closed upgrades with filling (which are both light and durable), cooling chambers, open upgrades, tipper bodies, and interchangeable truck bodies. Vans and other small commercial vehicles can be protected with an inner lining made of wood or washable car fibreglass.

All upgrades can also include a loading platform and all other equipment, such as a roof spoiler, sleeping cabin, airbags, toolboxes, a heater or refrigerator, loading ramps... Minor adjustments, such as side guards, long load carriers, tarpaulin windows, roller tarpaulin, and so on, can be made depending on the nature of the work.

Finally, an approval check may be performed to ensure that the vehicle is ready for registration and use.

When the vehicle arrives at AMK Servis, it is accompanied by all necessary documentation and type-approval. The owner then only needs to register the vehicle, and it is ready to go.

Yes, in addition to upgrades, AMK Servis provides and installs hydraulic loading platforms, roof spoilers and sleeping cabins, airbags, warm air heaters, refrigerators (or cooling units), and freight loading ramps (load capacity up to 26T!), and any other accessories that make daily work easier.

Do not overlook driver comfort when it comes to quality work. Hygiene with a water tank and soap dispenser, as well as safety with a rear-view camera and an upgrade step on the side of the vehicle. Install LED lights in the freight area for safe night-time work. Provide them with a good night's sleep with a quality sleeping cabin that includes a reading light, a Webasto hot air heater, and a handy box for food or other tools.

Yes, at AMK Servis, we have extensive experience working with various insurance companies, so do not be concerned. We dedicate and organize your case in the best possible way for you.


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