All tail lift brands are also serviced in the field or by phone

We service all makes and models of tail lifts as well as hydraulic lifts. The service is provided both at our workshop on Cesta dveh Cesarjev 393 in Ljubljana and in the field. Minor errors can also be resolved over the phone if an emergancy is dispatched to the driver on the road. Call us on 041 425 087 or fill out the form and we will help you immediately.

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Redni letni servis hidravličnih nakladalnih ramp

Regular annual service of tail lifts

We recommend regular service once a year for optimal performance and long service life. Regular service is also required for repairs to be made within the warranty period. This means that when you purchase a new Dhollandia hydraulic loading platform, you will receive one year of warranty service, and if you perform service within the first year, you will receive an additional year of warranty service. 


We can no longer imagine servicing vehicles without the help of diagnostics or testers. Any unforeseen vehicle downtime costs money, so the goal is to be as available as possible.

At AMK service, we are qualified to service loading platforms with software tools - diagnostics. We provide you with optimal parameterization and fast and accurate diagnosis if service is required.
Zagotavljamo vam optimalno parametrizacijo ter hitro in natančno diagnozo v kolikor je potreben servis.

And your van will be back in business in in the shortest possible time!

Diagnostika nakladalne ploščadi Bar, Bar tail lift diagnostics
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Spare parts

We keep a large stock of spare parts on hand, so we can fix most problems quickly. If a spare part for your loading platform is not in stock, we order it right away and notify you when your vehicle can be serviced.

Repairs through insurance company

We will prepare an offer and all relevant documentation when resolving a claim with any insurance company.



Telephone number: 01 3655 419 / 051 402 569
E-mail: info@amkservis.si
Address: Cesta dveh cesarjev 393, 1000 Ljubljana
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