Yes, with appropriate conversions, which vary according to the degree of disability and the type of vehicle. If you are purchasing a new or used vehicle, we recommend going with an automatic transmission. AMK Servis also provides vehicle management conversion as a service.

Yes. Some vehicles allow the entire back row of seats to be left in place, while others can accommodate an auxiliary seat. We recommend deepening the vehicle or installing a hydraulic lift in a small passenger van for family use.

Yes. Furthermore, most conversions can be removed from the vehicle without causing visible damage if you decide to sell it.

Consider all of your needs and desires when selecting a vehicle. City life, narrow garages, nature trips, luggage… All of this has a significant impact on the vehicle that a disabled person is transported in.

Deepened floor conversion is available on the Volkswagen Caddy L and XL, Citroen Berlingo L and XL, Peugeot Rifter L and XL, Opel Combo L and XL, Fiat Doblo, and Ford Grand Tourneo Connect.

Yes. You can obtain co-financing by submitting to the administrative unit an application to exercise the right to adapt a vehicle or to co-finance the purchase of a new adapted vehicle (submit the application on the website). AMK Servis also regularly collaborates with the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia - Soča, where professionally trained staff determine which conversion is most appropriate after receiving the application and issues security documents on that basis.

Yes. The conversion of a turnkey vehicle necessitates the use of a supplier capable of performing all conversions as well as type-approval services. This means you will not have to arrange for temporary license plates or transportation between providers, and you will not even have to coordinate with multiple providers. At AMK Servis, all products have the appropriate certificates. 

Yes. Consider the safety aspect as well as whether or not the vehicle is uniquely suited to you. It is also possible to purchase a used vehicle for the disabled, but such vehicles are scarce on the (Slovenian) market.

When selecting a provider, ensure that all of the parts that will be installed in your vehicle are of high quality. Even if you qualify for co-financing, the production quality will not necessarily be the same.

What could possibly go wrong? Load capacities may be small for your requirements, rust protection is not provided, built-in safety equipment (e.g., seat belts or wheelchair attachments) is not attached directly to specific points in the vehicle and is thus unsafe, installed products are not certified, so conversion will prevent the vehicle from being approved...

It primarily depends on the vehicle. We have the option to keep the entire back row of seats intact in some deepened vehicles (e.g., Volkswagen Caddy XL and Citroen Berlingo XL, Peugeot Rifter XL, Opel Combo XL). An additional auxiliary seat can be installed in vans equipped with a personal hydraulic lift or ramp to increase the vehicle's capacity. 

Space and attachment can be arranged in larger vans intended for disabled associations and other organizations for several people in a wheelchair or without one. The vehicle is converted to be more adaptable so that it can always meet the needs of the organization. Wheelchair seats and anchorages can be moved, added, or removed at any time. (add a photograph!) We especially recommend a personal hydraulic lift for frequent use because it is convenient and has a long service life.


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