Which vehicle conversions does AMK Servis provide?

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Vw Caddy Poglobitev poda

Except for conversions that can only be performed by vehicle manufacturers, AMK Servis is the correct address for the conversions listed (PV41, PV42, PV43, PV52, PV54). We produce more complex conversions in collaboration with well-known European manufacturers such as Paravan, Zawatzky, and Kivi s.r.l...

Some conversions are included in the package as "turnkey" conversions. Most common:

Hydraulic or electric van lift (PV32)

One of the most common conversions is a hydraulic or electric van lift (PV32) in conjunction with wheelchair fastening rails (PV35), wheelchair fastening straps (PV36), personal seat belt adjustment (PV25), and sometimes an adjusted headrest (PV26) or additional mounting seat in the van (PV50).

Vehicle floor deepening (PV28)

Vehicle floor deepening (PV28)

Another useful conversion is the deepening of the vehicle floor to achieve a greater internal height (PV28). This conversion also includes elements similar to the one above: the wheelchair fastening rails (PV35), wheelchair fastening straps (PV36), personal seat belt adjustment (PV25), and the ramp (PV30).

Poglobitev poda v Citroen Berlingo L1
Floor deepening in vehicle

Ramp (manual operation) (PV30)

This conversion method is similar to that of a hydraulic or electric van lift. The other elements are the same: wheelchair fastening rails (PV35), wheelchair fastening straps (PV36), personal seat belt adjustment (PV25). When entering and exiting the vehicle, the ramp requires more space (approximately 3m behind the vehicle).

Mehanska aluminijasta klančina
Mechanical ramp

Manual operation of the vehicle with automatic transmission

If the vehicle is converted to manual control, we usually use a manual brake and gas lever (PV2), a ball or fork on the steering wheel (PV11) and sometimes also a guard - barrier to protect the brake, gas, and clutch pedals (PV47). If a person finds it difficult to move from the wheelchair to the vehicle, a folding bench can be added to the side of the car seat, which can be mechanically (PV48) or electrically adjustable (PV49) if the height of the wheelchair and the car seat differs significantly.

The majority of the conversions are designed to work together to provide a better driving experience for the driver and passengers. Along with each of them, all of the required certified safety elements must be installed in such a way that they reduce the risk of injury in the event of a traffic accident. AMK Servis' conversion specialists are constantly expanding their knowledge and receiving training from leading European manufacturers and processors.

We arrange the technical report and documentation on the installed products (certificates) required for type-approval after conversion at AMK Servis, and we arrange the type-approval. You will not need to arrange for additional transportation or temporary license plates this way.

In addition to safety, comfort and enjoyment when operating the vehicle are essential. AMK Servis offers various product layouts for installation based on vehicle design and can arrange new upholstery, such as a built-in seat.


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