How does floor deepening improve your daily mobility?

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Poglobitev poda za prevoz invalida na invalidskem vozičku

The vehicle's floor deepening enables the transport of a person in a wheelchair even in smaller vehicles where this would not normally be possible due to height.

What does floor deepening of a vehicle look like? The entire bottom of the rear section (trunk) is replaced with a new, lower one when the vehicle is deepened. This lowers the vehicle's bottom and thus raises the internal height, allowing for a more comfortable wheelchair ride and an unobstructed view of a person in a wheelchair through a window.

Greater internal height

Despite its small size, the vehicle can be very comfortable for a wheelchair user. It provides an unobstructed view out the window as well as communication with other passengers. You only need to be cautious on more difficult terrain because the vehicle's rear is now lower.

deepening of the floor to accommodate greater internal height

Shorter ramp

The person enters the vehicle via a ramp, which can be much shorter due to the lower height at the back. As a result, it is suitable for use even in cities with limited space for manoeuvring. The ramp is lightweight and simple to fold after use. If the person is not driving in the back, the trunk is folded so that the bottom is flattened as if it had not been adapted at all.

Ramp to enter the vehicle

Installation of the entire package

Because the entire package of various modifications is installed when the vehicle's bottom is deepened, they function as a cohesive whole. The seat belts used to attach the wheelchair also serve as a seat belt when driving the wheelchair over the ramp into the vehicle, preventing it from driving backwards. Users quickly learn to operate such adaptations quickly and safely.

Which vehicle is suitable?

Vehicles with a "boxy" rear end are particularly suitable for deepening: Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Rifter (and formerly Partner), Ford Tourneo Connect, Renault Kangoo, Fiat Doblo, and Volkswagen Caddy. It makes no difference whether the vehicle is new or used.

For vehicle models with boxy rear-end

Passenger numbers

The number of passengers varies depending on the vehicle's size. On some longer models, the entire back row of seats can be left in place, whereas on smaller models, only the third seat of the back row is used, with the other two folded down. Even if a wheelchair user is not in the vehicle, the entire back row of seats can be used without interruption.

Certified product

The product has all of the necessary certificates for simple type-approval, which AMK Servis can also perform on your behalf. It is manufactured and tested in Europe, making it completely safe for everyday use. After conversion, the vehicle warranty remains unchanged.


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